Facilitation Services
  • Clearance of customs and necessary documentation at the airport
  • Transportation for the casket and accompanying family members from the airport to the cemetery
  • Taharah services in Israel
  • Minyan and Chevra Kadisha for burial

Support Services
  • Frequent updates and communication with family members that remained abroad
  • Fulfillment of all funeral preferences and requests
  • Online listing of the funeral start time to eliminate confusion
  • Printed announcements available upon request
  • Arrangement of newspaper obituaries
  • Streaming and recording of eulogies possible
  • Preparation of customary post-funeral meal 

Shiva Services
Shiva Services
  • A comfortable location can be arranged for Shiva in Israel
  • Shiva location will be outfitted to comply with all facets of Halacha
  • Shiva Kit equips mourners with all necessary religious objects for the Shiva Home
  • Shiva meals can be provided (and ordered by loved ones from abroad)
  • A meal package can be supplied for the return flight home
  • Transportation can be arranged from Shiva to the airport

Perpetual Care
Perpetual Care Services
  • Torah learning or Psalms can be arranged for Shloshim or Yahrtzeit
  • Minyan for Yahrtzeit
  • Assistance with the ordering and unveiling of a headstone
  • Perpetual care of headstone
  • Perpetual/Long-term maintenance and preservation of the cemetery site



Is Sha'ar HaMenuchot part of Har HaMenuchot?

Sha'ar HaMenuchot is a private cemetery immediately adjacent to the current Har HaMenuchot.


Is this project part of the new cave development in Har Menuchot?

No. There is no affiliation at all. Our graves are on open terraces and are unrelated to the cave project.


Where is it located on Har HaMenuchot?

Sha'ar HaMenuchot encompasses an entire mountain between the current southern section of Har HaMenuchot and the forests of Givat Shaul.


Is this exclusive to foreigners, or can Israelis also purchase plots here?

While this cemetery is intended for foreigners, Israelis can also purchase plots here.


Is there dedicated parking?

Sha'ar HaMenuchot retains dedicated parking lots making plots easily accessible.


Is this cemetery handicap accessible?

Yes, Sha'ar HaMenuchot is equipped with outdoor elevators and wide pathways on every terrace, allowing maximum accessibility for every visitor.

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