About Sha'ar HaZeitim

Coming to the corner of Jerusalem is a preeminent burial site intended to supersede every Jewish cemetery before it.

Through a shared vision and tremendous connection to the land, Sha’ar HaZeitim has been elegantly engineered to elevate Jewish burial to a level of integrity, quality, and comfort unprecedented in Israel burials. 

A rarity in Israel, Sha'ar HaZeitim is a private cemetery and, will therefore, remain available to foreigners. Elsewhere, government legislation is about to limit foreign burials to only 20% of burials in Jerusalem and only 10% of burials in cemeteries outside of Jerusalem. 

These changes make Sha’ar HaZeitim the primary resting place available to foreigners in Jerusalem for the next generation. 

Our Team
Ziva Glanz
Sha'ar Group
Yossi Valass
Sha'ar Group
Natan Spero
Sha'ar Group
Efraim Abramson
Sha'ar Group
General Partners
Ron Friedman
Gilles Gade
President & CEO
Mendy Klien
President & CEO
Robert Schechter
General Council

At Sha'ar HaZeitim, you matter.

We recognize how delicate a time of bereavement can be. For this reason, our private Sha'ar HaZeitim cemetery is designed to provide a calming and supportive environment. Our caring staff will help you through every step so that your loved ones don't have to worry about any logistical concerns.

We strive to make sure all of your requests are carried out with integrity and sensitivity. 

acquire a piece of eternity

Sha'ar HaZeitim are the final graves being developed on Har HaZeitim


We encourage you to reserve your place today.

Our goal is to provide a peaceful and comforting experience while commemorating your loved one's memory.

Shoshana Ungerleider
M.D. and Director, End Well

Jews know that you need to be talking about this stuff upstream.

Rav Moshe Weinberger
Aish Kodesh

The team of people involved in this project are each, individually, wonderful people and it's an incredible opportunity to buy your chelek in Eretz Hakodesh.

Acquire a peice of eternity